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Our Team


Morgan Bradley

President and Founder

Where did MAKS come from? Making A Kid Smile was born from seeing the placement process these brave children go through first-hand. Our founder and President Morgan Bradley's first foster child (initials MAK) inspired her to reach out to help kids in care. Morgan has fostered locally for over 5 years and was able to adopt one of her placements. Being both a wife and a mother of 5 kids is a challenge, but her heart keeps growing to help more fosters in need.

Elizabeth Mirr Wysocki

Vice President

Our Vice President Elizabeth Wysocki met Morgan a few years ago and has helped scale MAKS into the 501c3 it is today. She is very passionate about helping kids in care and is looking forward to expanding MAKS across the state of Indiana and eventually the country. Elizabeth is a wife and a mother of two boys who has worked in both the Business and Education arenas.


Stephanie Choucalas


Stephanie has always enjoyed helping in her community and shares MAKS’ passion for philanthropy. As the Grandmother of Foster children she has seen the direct impact of helping kids in care. Stephanie keeps track of our meeting communications, helps purchase, transport, and distribute items for all of MAKS drives and rolls up her sleeves to help whenever and wherever she is needed.

Christine Abel

Treasurer, CPA, MBA

Christine is our Treasurer and tireless reconciler of the penny.  She keeps track of and manages all MAKS' finances on a daily basis.  Christine’s tireless attention to detail means every penny we receive and spend is not only accounted for but tracked for each of our donors, grants, and special projects.


Stephanie Pals

Volunteer Coordinator/ Church Liaison 

Stephanie Pals is one of our newest board members.  A wife, mom of 3 girls, and a passionate supporter of adoption and foster care. 
Stephanie has been involved in organizing and creating various programs to support adoptive and foster families in Tennessee. She is so thankful to be apart of the MAKS village to share her knowledge and continue to help vulnerable children.

Advisory Board


Erin Venice-Fortner

Headshot_Matt Wells_2021_IMG_1196.jpg

Matthew Wells


Cambria Breitzke


Kenneth Wysocki

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